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URCE - TechnoZola

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  • To provide a student, tackle more complex problems than they can do.
  • To provide a platform where he/she can enhance their knowledge by pooling.
  • To know how to deal with roles and responsibilities.
  • To provide a platform to share diverse perspectives.
  • To hold one another accountable.
  • A platform where a student can receive social support and encouragement to take risks.
  • To remove fear of stage and gives an opportunity to talk.


Students can gain technical knowledge. You can learn new content from your fellow students, teachers, sponsors. this will teach you a lot about teamwork, cooperation, and fairness. By running a club, your post-secondary experience wonâ??t be limited to lectures, students will improve their soft skills and learn time management, it provides value to the institution, students gain valuable experience and transforming their experiences into meaningful contribution, this club provide students with an outlet to express their shared interest. The mistakes you make, the goals you achieve, and the lessons you learn are all useful experiences you earn through this club.

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