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The "UR's EC" aims to support students AND Alumni from The interested in starting their own company or joining an early-stage startup. It intends to provide the necessary resources, mentorship and events to ensure success.


  • Fuel the entrepreneurship
  • Spirit Build a creative community
  • Develop new competencies
  • Leverage an existing network
  • Reinforce The UR's brand

Member Profile

Determination: Be ready to do what is needed to make it happen. Don't quit when he/she is faced with the first obstacle.

Openness: Find connections and build strong relationships. Big companies are always the result of a great founding team.

Flexibility: Don't be stubborn and know when he/she needs to follow another path in order to reach a goal.

Imagination: Most good ideas seem bad initially. Always try to solve problems with creativity.


Projects: Projects could range from doing surveys, ways of fundraise, finding sponsors for events and many more.

Meetups and Trips: Local visits/meetups to/with incubators, accelerators, startups, one annual trip to meet with other clubs, startups etc,

Community: Members will engage in a community that should give back with mentorship, connections, opportunities, financing etc,

Pitching Ideas: Regular pitching contests to help improve communication skills. An annual event with opportunities for the UR'sEC to reinforce its brand positioning locally and internationally.

Launching Companies: Members will be able to test multiple ideas, find co-founders, network with mentors and investors and hopefully launch their companies.

Workshops and Events: Workshops and Events will help members gain knowledge in specific areas, carried out by alumni, teachers, staff, current students and external professionals.


  • Lean startup concepts
  • Business canvas use case
  • Writing a great pitch deck
  • What is growth hacking and more?


  • Business Activities and resources
  • Idea generation activities
  • Marketing and product development activities
  • Team building activities
  • Creating own ideas for raising funds
  • Ability to derive independently visualization on future goals.
  • Creating business articles.