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Officially known for "Usha Rama Innovation & Incubation Center"



Vision of Special Team

Advanced Technology and Robotic systems makes more accessible than ever for students of modern society.


Faculty Members

Name Qualification Designation
K.V.M. Mahesh B.E., M.S in CSE HoD / Technical Manager

Working Style

Special Team is divided into multiple modes of working

1. Technical Team

Technical team students are proceeded with a full week of real time training followed by a mini project for an entire year.

2. Statements of Proposals / Innovation Team

This team is the high Prioritized team involved in Innovation projects funded by Institution.

3. Internships

This Team is exposed to the IT or Corporate world for Internship for an year

4. Organizers

This Team involves in documentation, Interior designing, Photography, Animation and video making, financial support, event organizing, magazine making and technical assistance.


Innovative Campus Funded projects of 2018-19

Project Name: Priest Bot

Project Name: Scout Bot

Project Name: Welcome Bot

Project Name: Smart Lecture

Project Name: Finger Print Based Meal Tokens

Project Name: Punching a Bag to watering the plants

Project Name: Magic Tree

Project Name: Model Eamcet using Angular

Project Name: Videographer Bot

Innovative Campus Funded projects of 2017-18


Project Name: Hydraulic Fuel


Project Name: Door Locking using IoT and Pin Pattern


Project Name: IoT Smart Mirror


Project Name: Smart Camera


Project Name: Campus Skates


Project Name: Gaming using FR


Project Name: Selfie Attendance


Project Name: Serving Bot


Project Name: Water Serving Bot


Project Name: Obstacle Avoiding bot


Project Name: Harati Bot


Project Name: Coffee Machine


Project Name: Painting using Java



Technical Training Involves



Mini Project YouTube Links of 2017-18





Technical Placements

Batch Name Designation Company
2014-15 T. Girish (CSE) Jr. Data Scientist Motivity Labs
S. Ajmal (CSE) Big data Developer Kogentix, Neilsen
Sameer (ECM) Hadoop Developer Aadhya Analytics
Dilip (ECM) Hadoop Developer Aadhya Analytics
Suvarna (IT) MEAN Stack Team Lead Aadhya Analytics
Jayasree (CSE) ML and Spark trainee Aadhya Analytics
Vanaja (CSE) ML and Spark trainee Aadhya Analytics
Mukesh (ECM) Data Engineer and Lead XDD
Phani (ECM) Data Engineer & MS XDD & Conestoga College, CANADA
Varun (ECM) IOS Developer TCS
Naveen (CSE) Testing Virtusa
Viswakanth (IT) Angular JS Developer BWDC
Naga Mounika (CSE) Jr. Data Scientist & Angular JS developer BWDC
Laxman (EEE) AZURE Engineer & ML Engineer TECHMINDS / Microsoft / BWDC
Kiriti (IT) Mongodb DBA Micro Clouds / Aadhya Analytics
Sai Bavith (CSE) DB support HCL
Naga Surya (CSE) SQL developer Excelsior Softwares
Kavya (CSE) Associate Developer Agility E-services
Krishna Chaithanya (IT) Python Developer Krishna Soft
Rishitha Jupudi (IT) GIS Accenture
Ram (IT) MS @ Australia University of Southern Queensland
Anudeep (CSE) MS @ USA University of Springfield
Garghavi (CSE) MBA @ --
Chandini (CSE) Analytics Engineer offer rejected) Orbit Analytics
Siva Prakash (CSE) Recruiter Advansoft
Yoshitha (CSE) Offer Rejected XDD
2015-16 K. Sai Pavan (ECE) Open CV / Jr. Data Scientist Accenture & Tetherbox
Teja KNV (CSE) Big Data Engineer Nielsen India
Jaya Krishna (IT) Java / web Developer TCS
Shanthini (ECE) Java / Web Developer TCS
Lakshmi Kanthi (CSE) Adv. Java developer Syneza
Sandhya (CSE) Adv. Java developer Syneza
Yasaswini Y (ECE) Sr. System Engineer Cognizant
Sahithya (ECE) Linux Developer Cognizant
Aishwarya (CSE) Associate Consultant Syntel
Padma Vani (CSE) SAP Associate S/W Mpahisis
Rabbani (IT) Business Associate Accenture
Sandeep G (CSE) IT Consultant Brocade Networks
Rayudu (CSE) Java Developer CMS EDGE
Deepthi (ECE) Business Analyst HCL
Sharief (CSE) Automation Testing HCL
Pragna (ECE) Associate Business Dev Trajectus
Mandeep (ECE) Business Associate Accenture
Swetha (ECE) Software Associate Wipro
Srikrishna (ECE) Java Developer WebTech Labs
Azeez (EEE) SCADA Engineer Indiaplast
Satya (EEE) SCADA Engineer Amaravathi
Jagadeesh (ECE) Python Developer Krishna Soft
Pavan Yelamanchali (CSE) Business Associate Accenture
Ramanjaneyalu (EEE), Kali (EEE), Venkatesh (EEE) Electrical Supervisors,(Transformers) / LEFT Job Deepali Electricals
Sahitya (ECE), Rayudu (CSE), Hemanth (ECE), Jagadeesh (ECE) Interns Finday
Jaya Krishna (IT), Pavan Sai (ECE), Pavan Y (CSE), Teja KNV (CSE), Sandeep (CSE), Yasaswini (ECE) Pre-Interns Cenecle Research India
2016-17 D. Chnadrahas (CSE) Hadoop Developer GSPANN Technologies
Chand Basha (ECE) Data Analyst Efftronics
Kiran Aaradhya (CSE) Studio3 CEO
Kiran KNV (EEE) GIS Accenture
2017-18 Pranathi (CSE) System Engineer Wipro
Seenu (CSE) Hadoop Developer Aadhya Analytics
Praseedh (CSE) Cloud Engineer PragmaEdge
Datta (CSE) Game Developer JumpStart
Anvitha (IT) HR GoogleSoS
Guna (CSE) Angular JS developer Ancons
Vasanthi (CSE) MBA Xavier
Lakshmi (CSE) System Engineer Technoids
Shahid (ECE) Python Developer Quantela Labs
Ramya (CSE) Java Developer Posidex
Lokesh (ECE) Spark Intern Cognizant
Priya Praneetha (IT) Web Developer Inspire Infosol
Priya Praneetha (IT) System Engineer Wipro
Bhanu Teja Vadlamudi (MECH) Mechanical Apprentice Mahindra Motors
Hemanth (Civil) Site Engineer L&T
Karthik (Civil) Site Engineer Coco-Cola
Yamini Y (ECE) Tech Support Nova IT Solutions
Dileep CH (CSE) Big data Aadhya Analytics
Mouli (CSE) System Engineer Wipro
Jahnavi (ECE) SEO OSI
Uttej (ECE) System Engineer Infosys
Manoj (CSE) MEAN STACK Developer WOP & HCL
Omkar (ECE) VLSI Trainee Maven Silicon
Lakshmi Priya (CSE) Java Networking Tech. Mahindra
Ramya (ECE) Trainee Google Pay
Roufa (CSE) System Engineer Wipro
Farooq (CSE) Java Developer Pro-Solutions
Aparajitha (CSE) System Engineer Cognizant
Reshma (CSE) Associate Engineer IBM
Phani Pavan (MECH) Trainee Panterranetworks