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The English Literary Club at URCET offers a perfect platform for the learners of all disciplines on a regular basis every semester. This Club presents an opportunity to the aspiring learners to develop analytical and creative thinking skills. From time to time, the Club organises an array of literary activities such as elocution, essay writing, group discussions, JAM, poetry writing, short story writing, newspaper reading, quiz contests, interactive/lecture sessions, picture interpretation, book review etc. The Literary Club comprises display boards for quote of the day and poem of the week. The Club works throughout the year on the motto "Talent is to be shown, not to be hidden."


  • To make the essence of knowledge felt by everyone.
  • To inculcate among learners a flair for language
  • To induce reading habit
  • To encourage learners to become orators
  • To imbibe a sense of confidence

Benefits of Joining the Club

Literary club helps learners use their imagination, enhance their empathy for others and bring to light the hidden talents.

Creative and Analytical Skill Enhancement

  • Picture Interpretation
  • Book review
  • Film review

Speaking Skills Enhancement

  • Group discussions: It is a systematic exchange of information, views and opinions about a topic, issue or situation.
  • Just A Minute (JAM): JAM sessions are one-minute impromptu speeches. The participant is presented with a topic on the podium and is given 10-30 seconds to think about it and assimilate all their ideas.
  • Debates: It is a formal argument in which debaters speak on opposite sides of a topic.
  • Elocution: An elocution is the art of public speaking that gives the participants self -boost and confidence to speak in front of a large audience.

Presentation Skills

  • News Reading: Learners are motivated to present general news and technical news in classroom. It gives them an opportunity to feel the world of media and journalism.
  • Declamation: Declamation is a public speaking event where participants deliver a portion of a speech previously delivered. The goal off the speech is to convey a message with clarity, emotion and persuasiveness.

Fest Activities 2022-23

As part of Technical and Cultural Fest 2023, The Literary Club of URCET, organised Talkathon and Literary Maze. A variety of rounds like guess the word represented by the picture, word puzzle, spot the hidden word, roll the dice, talk and move etc were included. The events were coordinated by Vaishali, G. Hari priya, M Tejaswini and G Sai Sahithi.

  • Talkathon
  • Literary Maze

Winners of Literary Maze

Sr. No. Name Year/Branch/College Position
1. Ch. Revathi I AI & DS, URCET I Prize
2. B. Lakshmi Prasanthi I AI & DS, URCET II Prize

Winners of Talkathon

Sr. No. Name Year/Branch/College Position
1. A Srisai Chandan IV ECE, URCET I
2. Syed Afrin IV ECE, KLU II

Activities for I B.Tech 2022-23


Dr. K. Eliah, Assoc. Professor, S & H

Event Coordinators

Sr. No. Name Designation Department
1. S. Sree Lakshmi Assoc. Professor S & H
2. R. Simhachalam Asst. Professor S & H
3. G. Vijaya Swapna Asst. Professor S & H
4. Mr. K Rajesh Kumar Asst. Professor S & H

Student Coordinators

Sr. No. Name Year Branch
  Nikhila Sambangi IV ECE
  Tarun Ratnala IV ECE
  Rallapalli Yaswanth Satya Krishna Sai IV ECE
  Mamidi Venkata Yaswanth IV CSE
  Mende Tejaswini III ECE
  Mohammad Ayaan Sohail III CSE
  G. Hari Priya III CSE
  A Nikhil III ECE
  R. Uma Bharathi III ECE
  M. Siri II CSE
  D. E. V. Sai Chandu II AI & ML
  K. Manogna II ECE
  P. Bala Raju II ECE
  Sunkara Raja Sekhar II CSE
  B. Lakshmi Prasanthi II AI & DS
  K. Aakarsh III AI & ML
  K Geethaa Sree III AI & ML
  Ch. Ruchitha II IT
  Rizwan Mohammad IV IT
  Durga Rao IV EEE