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Women Empowerment and Grievance Cell (WEGC)




Visionary points

Usha Rama College of Engineering and Technology WEGC have been instituted to provide a conducive environment for girls and women to ensure their freedom, safety and security in an atmosphere of equality and dignity also to facilitate their participation and success in higher education.


The Women Cell shall strive to create a better and just society by creating awareness of feminine potential


  • To make the women staff and students aware of their social and legal rights and to equip them to stand against gender violence and gender discrimination.
  • To address the grievances and to provide a dignified, congenial working environment for women employees and students, where they can work, study and explore their maximum potential.
  • To highlight the importance of health and hygiene.
  • To develop multidisciplinary approach for the overall personality development.
  • To encourage greater participation and to develop responsible and value oriented leadership in the students.
  • To promote awareness about sexual harassment in their daily life formally or informally.
  • To encourage and develop the entrepreneurial skill in women through seminars and workshops.

Role and responsibilities of WEGC (URCET) faculty representative

  • To monitor and counsel women students of their department, in the case of requirement.
  • To bring awareness among women about government support services and college support services.
  • To conduct competitions such as presentations, elocution, essay writing and painting to encourage women students to express their ideas.

Role and responsibilities of Student in charges

  • To spread the objectives of WEGC among the women students.
  • To participate actively in the events and competitions organized by the cell and encourage other women students to participate.
  • To interact regularly with the women students of the class.
  • To bring to the notice of the faculty representative of their respective department, if any gender specific issue arises among the women students

How to reach us

Any women student of URCET can contact WEGC members either in phone or through email about their problem where it can be solved highly confidentially.

Members of WEGC Name of the Faculty Position
1 Dr.R.Bhargavi
Dept.of ME
Contact No: 9966139994
Email Id:
2 Mrs. K.Nitya
Dept.of ECE
Contact No: 9885571089
Email Id:
3 Mrs. B. Shanthi Kiran
Physical Director
Contact No: 7416367129
Email Id:
4 Mrs. S.Mounika
Dept.of CSE
Contact No: 9603884383
Email Id:
5 Mrs. V. Praveena
Dept.of ECE
Contact No: 8309617226
Email Id:
6 Ms. K.Jyothi Sree
Dept.of EEE
Contact No: 9494051461
Email Id:
7 Ms. G.L.Sireesha
Dept.of CE
Contact No: 9912832414
Email Id:
8 Mrs. V.Kalpana
Dept.of T&P
Contact No: 9160654394
Email Id:
9 Mrs. M.N.Deepthi
Dept.of Maths
Contact No: 9866920172
Email Id:
10 Mrs. D.Susan
Dept.of English
Contact No: 7095884507
Email Id:
11 Mrs. Y.Anusha
Dept.of Chemistry
Contact No: 9603107191
Email Id:
Member Name of the Student Dept. & Year
1 M.Kalyani IV CSE
2 A.Jahnavi IV ECE
3 CH.Anvitha IV IT
4 B.Navya Sri III IT
5 CH.Naga Lakshmi III EEE
6 A.kalyani IV Civil
7 B.S.Sindhura IV ECE