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The cultural activity team aims to encourage students interest, participation, and responsibility in the ingenious field through a medium of creative art and literary curriculum and scope. The inventiveness is to provide social, cultural and recreational activities for the college community. The students develop and organize own clubs and have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their leadership and decision making skills. The clubs provide a learning experience for the members as students are responsible for the organizing; funding, public relations, regulation, and scheduling activities for these clubs under the direction of the faculty Coordinator.


Staff Department Name Club Designation
K.Nitya ECE Head
Mairaj Fathima S & H Coordinator
S.Mounika CSE Coordinator
Ch.Srinivas ECE Coordinator


1 Omsri Dance(classical) CSE/IT II
2 Charuhaasa Dance(classical) CSE/IT III
3 pushpak Dance CSE/IT III
4 Prasanthi Dance CSE/IT A IV
5 Nitya sahastra Dance CSE/IT B IV
6 Chandralekha Singer CSE/IT A IV
7 Arogya rao Dance IT IV
8 J.Gnaneswsar Dance MECH II
9 G.HariKrishna Dance MECH III
10 Y.Hema Dance IT II


  • Enhance their skills and to accentuate their understanding and learning graph.
  • To allow students of URCE express themselves, while enlightening their peers.
  • To provide a comforting vent for students who are inclined to share their imaginations and talents.
  • To reach out to the other institutes of the university through various activities and widen their spectrum.


  • Most of the cultural events are organised by the faculty members with the help of students in URCET.
  • Faculty members are chosen on the basis of their interest and managing skills towards making the event successful.
  • The only college which conducts an event related to telugu tradition and culture called "TELUGU AMMAYI" to protect our values and traditions.
  • Voluntarily most of the shopping malls provide sponsorship towards conducting the program.
  • From the past 10 years cultural events are organised in a particular manner with some changes added to it every year.
  • Every year students from different colleges participate in the cultural events conducted by URCET.
  • Auditions and screening tests are conducted to identify the creative spark.
  • Well furnished auditorium with excellent AV system.
  • In 2016 the program was conducted by RADIO MIRCHI regarding cultural.
  • The best performers in URCET are trained and encouraged to participate in popular TV shows (AATA).