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IBM Selected Students

Congratulations to all the students selected in IBM Drive held in Usharama College of Engineering, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh on 30th & 31st August 2016.

S.No. Coupon. No. BU Candidate Name Gender
I7AA0062 GTS_IS Alla Keerthi Female
I7AA0101 GTS_IS Bilhani Reddy Tiyyagura Female
I7AA0076 GTS_IS Sandhyarani Chokkapu Female
I7AA0078 GTS_IS Ananth Sai Ram Male
I7AA0074 GTS_IS Sai Krishna Kola Male
I7AA0120 GTS_IS Naveen Kenguva Male
I7AA0061 GTS_IS Uday Sankar Nagisetti Male
I7AA0088 GTS_IS Sravani Poranki Female
I7AA0056 GTS_IS Dandamudi Chandrahas Male
I7AA0040 GTS_IS Habi Munny Dodiyam Female
I7AA0046 GTS_IS Sree Swarna Bhargavi D.R Female
I7AA0054 GTS_IS Sravani Gurrani Female
I7AA0041 GTS_IS Sai Krishna Kesineni Male
I7AA0057 GTS_IS Kongara Madhu Priya Female

IBM Drive on 30th & 31st August 2016