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Report on Veeraiah Non-Convenctional Power Plant Industrial Visit

Faculty Cordinators :

  • Ravi Babu
  • Durga Prasad
  • G Ramanjaneyulu
  • Rukesh kumar
  • Ganesh

Aim of the Power Plant :

To produce the 4 MW.power and low pressure steam is used for solvent extraction plant.

Different Sections in Power Plant :

1. YARD : where number of bio fuels are stored. The fuels are selected by its calorific value; the fuels are used like rice husk, black gram waste, coconut shells, bagase, sugar crane waste, palm trees and waste wood.

2. Reverse Osmosis Plant : The water is taken from bore well and canal. That water is hard and has impurities, so water is pumped to R O plant for purification.

3. BOILAR SECTION : The boiler is consisting following mountings and accessories

Boiler mountings : Pressure gauge (range from 60 to 65 kg/cm2), Water level indicator, Safety valve ,Fusible plug, Feed check valve, Blow off cock, Stop valve, Man hole

Boiler accessories : Fuel pump, economizer, super heater, air pre heater, steam separator and steam injector. The capacity of boiler is 25tonnes of water, 400℃

4. Turbine Section : The turbine converts steam energy into mechanical energy. The manufacture of this turbine in plant is TRIVANI. The speed of turbine is 8320rpm.

5. Generation Section : It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The generator capacity is 4MW and 11KV. This 11 KV is stepped up to 33KV using step up transformer and is supplied to nearest substation.