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Water Treatment Plant at Bhavanipuram, Vijayawada

Visited : Water Treatment Plant at Bhavanipuram, Vijayawada

Date : 21-1-2017

Branch : Diploma in Civil Engineering

No. of Students : 30

Permission Obtained : Municipal Commissioner, Vijayawada

Faculty Cordinators :

  • T. saikrishna
  • V. Ajay Kumar
  • Ch. Soundarya

Project Details :

One of the water supply schemes providing drinking water to Vijayawada city is situated at Bhavanipuram on the bank of Krishna River. Its total capacity is about 40 MGD.

The plant works on Rapid sand filtration and it has the following main connected units are:

  • Intake wells
  • Primary Sedimentation tank
  • Rapid sand filter
  • chlorination
  • storage sump

Four Rapid Sand Filters and four sedimentation tanks are in use. For Disinfection of water, Chlorine gas is being used. The treated water is stored in underground sump from which it is being pumped to the various branches of the city.

The process of back washing of the Rapid Sand Filter has been explained and demonstrated practically. Testing of turbidity& chlorine levels are explained in the laboratory