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Modernization of labs on artificial intelligence & machine learning technologies

Title of project: Modernization of labs on artifical intelligence & machine learning technologies

Total grant sanctioned for the project: Rs.7, 27,667/-


Name of the coordinator: dr. kpnv satyasree

File number: 84-137/RIFD/MODROB/Rural/policy-1/2019-20

Project Summary

Research in machine learning encompasses reinforcement, unsupervised and supervised learning. In reinforcement learning focus on building autonomous agents that can learn to act in complex, sequential and uncertain environments. In particular a number of research projects derive from an interest in building long-lived and flexibly-competent agents rather than the more usual agents that perform one complex task repeatedly. Machine Learning is a science that enables machines (especially computers) to learn from environments and make own decisions. At Machine Learning Laboratory (MLL) we carry out research and develop different theoretical foundations for machine learning such as: How machines should help in planning activities by learning from environments? How machines should learn in the presence of noisy environment? And how learning gets affected if different machine learning algorithms are trying compete instead of cooperating?

The Objective of this laboratory to identify the innovative research directions in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and to improvise to understand with the current industrial requirements in-terms of technical projects and this laboratory would serve as a maker-space for student community.