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Seemandhra into Swarnandhra Contest


Post bifurcation of the state of Andhra Pradesh into two parts as Telangana and Seemandhra , the latter was carved out with a low budget and an endless list of brewing economic,social and various resource management issues.The new capital location dilemma for residual AP still lingers both in the people and the government.

Having observed this pitiful plight, "Usha Rama Engineering College", in partnership with Global Business Incubator (GBI) a United Nations affiliated NGO, has decided to contribute by organizing a competitive challenge to all engineering students of AP or aspirants who have taken Eamcet/Ecet .

The event is titled as "Engineer Seemandhara into Swarnandhra" . It is held on July 19th at 10 AM ,Saturday at the Usha Rama Engineering college campus at Trelaprolu .The students / teams given 10 minutes of time to present their concept in regards to help improve the state in various aspects like economy,agricukture,water management,power and energy secror, IT development, Infrastrucrure, Pharma, Health Sector etc. Top ten participants/teams selected by the jury, shall be will be rewarded by GBI by providing advanced technology research and required seed funding. Those Projects that demonstrate promiaing results shall be forwarded to the government of Andhra Pradesh.

All Engineering students/Graduates of 2014/Students who have attempted Eamcet/EEcet in 2014 interested to participate in this one of a kind competition can contact Mr. M.Ram Mohan, Asst.Professor at mobile 9440095992, email sacontest@usharama.com.

Prominent Industrialists, politicians, bureaucrats, star movie producer and co-owner of 14 reels production house Mr. Anil Sunkara, along with the GBI directr Mr.Tarun Kakani shall attend the event.

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