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Special Team in 2016-17


Special Team is a new enhancement started in the year Feb 13 2015 for making the students to ensure the Industrial Technicalities. The initial journey started with 30 participants with a new technique called WEP (Week End Projects). The first book called "Book of Abstracts" launched on the same day. Later it became one of the aspects to be considered in the college and continued its glory till date.

New Terminology for 2016-2017

By following the corporate standards, Usharama R & D center initiates a Consultant approach to meet the industry needs and solving real-time business technical problems.

Live projects & Data Scientist

  • Automatic Pay slip generator
  • Resulting Analysis
  • Automatic Attendance APP
  • University ranking analytics using Business Intelligence
  • Data Science Prediction of admissions using location based analysis
  • Featuring IBM products of Bluemix, DB2 and Cognos for Customer Analytics
  • Spark Processing for existing Product Mechanisms
  • Dex Algorithm for Java users
  • Scientific Python visualization for sales data

Trainings and Projects for 2016 - 2017

Overall Skills Implemented

Programming: C, Java, Python; Operating System: Linux & shell scripting; Statistics / Data Mining: R-statistics; Databases: my-sql; BI: COGNOS-BI; Advanced Java: JSP

Trained Skills

IBM Products: DB2, COGNOS, Big data, Data-Analytics

Upcoming Skills

Programming: scala, Databases: mongo-db, Cassandra,postgre-sql; BI: Pentaho and BIRT; Big-data Family; Mobile: work-light; Cloud services: AWS, Blue-mix; Statistics: Spyder, Sci-py, SPARK, STORM

Mini Projects for 2016-2017

  • Text Processing using Linux
  • Global Player using Linux shell
  • Pdf generator using Linux shell
  • Customer analytics using Mysql
  • Cart design using Mysql
  • Multiple file Text processing using Linux
  • Design patterns for Java comparisons
  • Mobile keypad design logic in java
  • Word pattern recognition using java
  • Un-structured data processing using Mysql

Research Based projects based on

  • A global Product of Admission Astrology using R statistics
  • Custom University Ranking using Tableau
  • Legacy Database modeling using Spark
  • Fake News calculator using Python data science
  • Text Analytics using R-Hadoop
  • Customer Analytics using Hadoop
  • E-commerce development using MEAN stack
  • Custom Attendance for Android