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Stress Management and Happy Living Event in Usharama

Event on : Stress Management & Happy Living

Date : 6th October, 2015

Rajayoginis : Radha And Ratnakumari

Object : To Make The Students Free From Stress And Improve Concentration On Studies Through Meditation.

On 6th October, 2015 A Seminar is conducted on Stress Management & Happy Living By Rajayogini Radha And Rajayogini Ratnakumari. All the I.B.Tech Students have attended to this programme.

The brahma kumaris teaches a form of meditation through which students are encouraged to purify their minds. This may be done by sitting tranquilly, then making affirmations regarding the eternal nature of the soul, the original purity of one's nature, and the nature of god. The aim of the bk meditation is also to learn to hold meditative states while being engaged in everyday life. For this reason meditation is usually taught and practiced with open eyes.

This programme is very useful to the students how to free from stress and how to develop concentration on studies. These students are also taught how to get happy living with moral values.

Chairman s. Ramabrahmam garu, principal Dr. V.Rajesh all the heads of the departments, faculty have attended to this seminar.

Indeed it shows a lot of consequences on students life in gaining knowledge as well as happy living.