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Vigilance Awareness Event in Usharama

Event on : Vigilance Awareness

Instructed by : Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe, All India Council For Technical Education

Date : 4th November, 2015

Object : Bring awareness among the students about social turbulence and awareness and develop robust education system

Events : Group Discussions and Debates

Topics :

1. 'value crisis amongst youth is responsible for lack of honesty in socieity'

2. 'corrupt practices are eroding our social fabric'

3. 'corruption- the biggest bottleneck in economic progress'

Participants i,ii,iii students.

I prize in Group Discussion : D. Aparajitha (14NG1A0525)

II prize in Group Discussion : G. Avinash (14NG1A0317)

I prize in Debate : CH. Bala Sai Sri (14NG1A1206)

II prize in Debate : Y. Ramesh Chandra Chowdary (14NG1A04B6)