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PG - Artificial Intelligence and Data Science


PG - Artificial Intelligence and Data Science


The post graduate programme in artificial intelligence and machine learning aims to prepare experienced data science and IT professionals for a career in the high growth field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is a two year programme that provides a solid foundation in core concepts like modern data science, mathematics for artificial intelligence, machine intelligence and deep learning, followed by a hands-on experience of how these concepts are practically applied in various industries and functions.

ADVANSOFT in US is the Industry Partner and JNTUK is the University Partner in the post graduate programme in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The main objectives of the programme are as follows:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the foundational concepts in business statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning
  • Build proficiency in key technologies, platforms, languages used in artificial intelligence and deep learning such as Python, and TensorFlow
  • Build a thorough understanding of and the ability to solve problems in practical industry-oriented use cases.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the technical sector and as you see clearly, the scope of Artificial Intelligence has expanded into many sectors, including healthcare, transport, and security. As per growth of multiple industries require AI expertise of skilled Artificial Intelligence professionals.

Artificial Intelligence has found a very special place in people's day to day life

Smart Home Assistants- Like Amazon Echo and Google Home are popular smart home devices that let you perform various tasks with just voice commands.

Where in Amazon You can order groceries, play music, or even switch on/off the lights in your rooms with voice commands. It really on Voice Recognition technologies, which are a result of IOT, Artificial Intelligence and various Machine Learning. As we know that AI is helping researchers in the research field. Apart from this finding a cure for cancer in the medical and organizations are using AI to help patients get telemedicine. The United Kingdom National Health Service uses Google's Deep Mind platform to detect health risks in people through apps.

That is why this is the perfect time to choose an AI & ML Course and become Expert.

Programme structure and learning journey:

This programme is designed as a continuous learning journey that is highly application driven.

  • Instructor led sessions: Learners will go through highly interactive classes, lab exercises and self-learning hours. Sessions will be delivered over 24 weeks, these weekly sessions will be interspersed with assignments and reading material that learners will need to work on
  • Hands on exercises: Learners will have the opportunity to practice the skills learnt, through hands on assignments and lab exercises
  • Apex project: Learners will have to complete a apex project that encapsulates concepts and skills learnt

Potential benefits of this programme:

  • A 'learn by doing' programme: The programme design approaches learning largely through practical assignments and project work, so that the learning is not purely academic.
  • Real life case studies: The programme will present the learners with real life case studies and data sets for enhanced learning.
  • A practical industry-oriented programme: Designed by practitioners - the programme is designed for immediate on-the-job relevance.
  • Academic rigor for a solid foundation: The programme provides the academic rigor required to learn the fundamentals of AI & DL.

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