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UG- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


UG - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

About AI

Bachelor of Technology (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) is a four year programme (full time) affiliated to JNTUK approved by AICTE.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being widely recognised to be the facility which will fuel the longer term global digital economy. AI within the past few years has gained geo-strategic importance and an outsized no. of nations are striving hard to remain ahead with their policies initiative to urge their country ready.

As a beginning during this direction AICTE has introduce AI as a replacement branch in Engineering to reinforce the multidisciplinary approach in teaching learning and also sensitize the new generation which make India's next generation 'AI READY'.

AI might just be the only largest technology revolution of our live times, with the potential to disrupt most aspects of human existence.

Today, AI has left no sector untouched by its innovations and novelty. Its contributions to the tutorial sector, especially, are most beneficial because education forms the idea of all knowledge and progress. Therefore, empowering and updating educational systems with AI has resulted in better impartment of data and thorough and worthy evaluation of assessments by making them less of a recorder.

The main goal of this course is to make our students future ready and help them in transition to improve their learning experience. Get trained in cutting edge technologies and work on real-life industry-grade projects.

B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence course is very popular and have wide range of utilisation in this current era. Artificial Intelligence enables student to get into Machine Learning and automation and for better decision making. Students will get a overall understanding of key machine learning algorithms, and popular methods. Artificial Intelligence is the science and combination of engineering of making computer machines learning, which able to perform tasks and it requires human intelligence, such as perception, speech recognition, decision making process and interpretation between languages. It is a branch of the Computer Science that goal to develop intelligent.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence

The effort is to make computer intelligence programs that can solve real time problems and to achieve goals of the organizations and day to day life as well as humans. There is a scope in developing the machines games, speech recognition machine, language detection, computer vision, expert systems, robotics etc. For the biological approaches to Artificial Intelligence, study about psychology and the nervous system. Learn some Machine languages.

Career options in AI

Where student can get jobs at public and private sectors which are in Intelligence, European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence and many more. Job will be offered like: Game Programmer, Robotic, Scientist, Computer Scientist and data scientist.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the popular course in the world. It is good to learn one basic machine language to get job this sector. In the late 1990s, these included programming language. There are lots of Career Opportunities where One can get jobs at public and private sectors in Artificial Intelligence, European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence and many more.

B.Tech Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the technical sector and as you see clearly, the scope of Artificial Intelligence has expanded into many sectors, including healthcare, transport, and security.

Artificial Intelligence has found a very special place in people's daily life:

Numerous mobile devices have emerged in recent years that can now recognize your activity and assist you in saving money by conserving electricity, recommending steps that can save you time and effort, and introducing cost-effective operations. These gadgets help you in leading a more efficient life.

In Social Media - Facebook, Artifical Intelligence is used for facial verification and machine learning is used to detect facial features and tagging friends. It is used to extract every image by using a bunch of deep neural networks. Then, there is Twitter AI which is used to filter out hate speech and derogatory content.

In Health Care - There are plenty of applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare. To give an example, there is an organization called Cambio Health Care has developed a decision support system for preventing heart stroke. This will give the doctor a warning that there is a patient having a heart stroke. Another firm is Coala life which has a digitalized device for finding heart diseases. One more company is Aifoo, which is developing a system to track how people are doing in hospitals, nursing homes.

In Banking - The banking sector is revolutionized with the use of AI. AI based systems are used to provide credit card fraud, provide customer support. The stated example is HDFC bank. HDFC bank has developed a chatbot called EVA. EVA has given 3 million customer queries. AI solutions are used to increase security in a variety of business sectors like retail and finance.

As per growth of multiple industries require AI expertise of skilled Artificial Intelligence professionals.

That is why this is the perfect time to choose an AI Course and become Expert.

Skills You Will Learn...

Predictive Analytics using Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning Data Visualization, Big Data, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Neural Network

2.3 Million: Jobs will be created because of AI By 2020(as per Gartner)

AI and ML Career Opportunities

  • Sr. Data Scientist
  • Human-centered AI systems designer/researcher
  • Machine Learning Research Scientist
  • Sr. Data Science Software Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Science Software Engineer
  • Machine Learning Researcher
  • Big Data Engineer
  • AI Data Analyst
  • Associate Machine Learning Engineer
  • Associate Deep Learning Engineer
  • Business Intelligent developer
  • Expert level
  • Moderate level
  • Entry level

Jobs and salaries for AI & Machine Learning specialists

According to a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), Artificial Intelligence can create almost 58 million jobs in the next years.

Software Engineers

  • 84,000 USD/year
  • As a software engineer, you'll use computing, engineering, and programming skills to create and maintain new software and apps.

Computational Linguists

  • 80,000 USD/year
  • Computational linguists develop systems that can recognise speech, check grammar, mine text, etc.

Data Scientists

  • 95,000 USD/year
  • A data scientist interprets and extracts meaning from data, which is then used to improve products, services, or business decisions.

Machine Learning Engineers

  • 112,000 USD/year
  • Machine learning engineers work with data and programming languages to create self-running software that learns based on data.

Robotics Engineers

  • 81,000 USD/year
  • A robotics engineer creates robots and systems that perform tasks which humans cannot or prefer no to do.


  3. TCS, Wipro, GOOGLE,DXC, HCL, Syntel, Intel, Facebook, Adobe, Infosys, Procore Technologies

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