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Seminar on "Cyber Hygiene and Opportunities in Cyber Security"


Seminar topic : Cyber Hygiene and Opportunities in Cyber Security

Date : 16-03-2018

Venue: Usha Rama Engineering College, a college under Vijayawada- chapter of CSI (Computer Society of India).

Resource persons :

  • Sri Mayank Acharya, C.F.O, Anatomosis
  • Sri Sahit Modem, V.P. Training, Anastomosis

This seminar is conducted with the support of Division-IV-Communications, CSI. In association with Telecom Centres of Excellence (TCOE) GOV of India.

Contents of the Seminar

In Daily life technology became a part of our life and everyone going as cashless means all transactions are performed through apps, websites either mobiles or through internet. This makes all payments simple but at the same time we are losing a control on our personal information, thus allows cyber threats.

This seminar flash lights on how the apps, websites like Google can use our personal information? - How can be misused? Different ways of extracting our personal information and passwords using phone calls, SMS, chat rooms, whatsapp messages, uploading images and videos links, emails, web apps, end to end connections, recharge SMS?s etc. All these are the mediums where the hacking can be done easily and how it can be mishandled? Using simple QUERIES on Google database, practically explained as hands-on, how our personal information can be abused?

How to maintain Cyber Hygiene? Preventing measures, Measures of securities and practices that to be followed regularly to protect our data such as network security issues, cyber security issues were discussed.

What are the different forums that are exists providing the security to this type of issues and roles of council on cyber security and centre for internet security. This cyber security can also explore as career opportunity to the CSE/IT students not to depend on only the programming jobs. Students can select this field also as an opportunity and how to build this as a career? All these are covered by Mr. Mayank and Mr. Sahit.