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Report on Efftronics Industrial Visit

Visited :

Efftronics, Vijayawada

No. of Students : 62(ece-B&C)

Faculty Cordinators :

  • Asst. Prof. Mr. P.Kanakaraja
  • Asst. Prof. Mr.M.Purna Kishore
  • Asst. Prof. Mr. V.Praveena

On receiving the letter of permission from Efftronics Systems PVT .LTD, Vijayawada. Students with three faculty members went on an industrial visit to Efftronics Systems on 02-01-16. We all assembled at the college at 1:00 p.m. and left the college in a college buses. We reached the Efftronics Systems at 2:00p.m. The Efftronics Systems members are received us at the entrance and gave a brief introduction about the process of manufacturing of LED Display boards, Scrolling Displays, DATA Logger in Railways and their working in detail.

Visited Sections in the Company :

They are mainly Six sections are introduced and manufacturing process are Explained they are

  • 1. Prototype Testing of DATA LOGGER FOR INDIAN RAILWAY.
  • Battery monitoring Device means if any one of the cell is open it finds particular cell very easy.
  • Weather station monitoring to find out different atmospheric parameters like temperature, humidity, rainfall...etc.
  • 3D printing machine: To make a proto type of any object designed from the computer.
  • LED Testing & Designing Section: in this section they are explained various types of LED's and their wave lengths, and high bright LED's...Etc.
  • PCB Designing: They are clearly explained about Types of PCB's
    • 1.single side
    • 2.double side PCB
    • 3. Multi layer
    are clearly explained through PPT as well as practical approach.