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Report on Radar Station Industrial Visit

Visited :

DW-Radar Station, Machilipatnam

No. of Students : 92(ece-a&b)

Faculty Cordinators :

  • Assoc. Prof. Mr. M. Rama mohan rao
  • Assoc. Prof. Mr. B.raja rao
  • Assoc. Prof. Mr. B.balaji
  • Asst. Prof. Ms. J.usha rani
  • Asst. Prof. R.devi kalyani

On receiving the letter of permission from radar station, machilipatnam. Students with three faculty members went on an industrial visit to radar station on 30-09-15. We all assembled at the college at 9:00 a.m. and left the college in a college buses. We reached the radar station at 11:30a.m. The radar members are received us at the entrance and gave a brief introduction to how to detect the cyclone effects &calculation of weather on every day for every 3 hours.

Specifications :

The radar station worked based on four sections. Those are

  • Radar section
  • Pilot balloon section
  • Observations block
  • Radar sun radar wind section

We left the premises at 1:00p.m and had a lunch. we continued the last session after the lunch each and every student under standed clearly how the radar station works based on which instruments (thermo meters for temperature measurement and rain fall, sun shine recorder, envometer for measuring speed of wind, mercury barometer, high speed wind recorder,radar sun &radar wind instrument,from radar sonde or radar windout room they are realizing the balloon for exact weather calculation). At 3:30PM left the radar station the premises at 5:15PM.