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Publications of KRR in 2016-17

International Journals:

1. Published a paper titled," A Novel Weighted Based Frequent And Infrequent Pattern Mining Model On Real-time E-commerce Data", (under process for IEEE Digital Library).(Sujatha).

2. Published a paper titled "An Analysis of Learner Satisfaction and Needs on E-Learning Systems",in "International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research "ISSN 0973-1873, Volume 13, Number 3, (April 2017), pp 433-444, (Venu Madhav)

3. Published a paper titled, "A novel compressed video watermarking model using hash based encryption and decryption algorithm" in International Journal of Computer Technology and Applications(IJCTA), April,2017 (T.Srinivas).

4. Published a Paper titled "A Study And Analysis On Intrusion Detection Based (IDB) Techniques", in "International Journal of Pharmacy & Technology " IJPT, April-2017, Vol. 9 , Issue No.1 , ISSN: 0975-766X, pp- 28186-28194, Available Online through (Praveen).

5. Published a Paper titled "Standards and Analysis of Intrusion Detection Based System: A Comparative Study", in "PONTE,Florence,Italy,International Journal of Sciences and Research" ,Vol. 73 , No. 2 , Feb 2017, pp 87-97. (Praveen).

6. Published a paper titled "An Efficient I-Encrypted Video WatermarkingScheme Using Enhanced PCA-SVD-DWT Block Embedding and Extraction Model", in " Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology",ISSN 1992-8645,Volume 93,No. 1, November 2016 (TSR-Layola).

7. Published a Paper titled "An Accurate Allocation of Reliability and Cost Estimation for Architecture-based Software using DRMPA" in "International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering" ISSN: 2277 128X, Volume 6, Issue 11, November 2016 (SSR).

8. Published a paper titled," A Novel Top-k Infrequent Mining Technique on complex distributed market databases", Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 31st October 2016. Vol.92. No.2, ISSN: 1992-8645, E-ISSN: 1817-3195,Pp:265-275.(Sujatha)

9. Published a Paper titled " Validation Of Usability Evaluation Models Through Experimental Setup And Empirical Study", in "International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies (IJIRAS)", ISSN: 2394-4404, Volume 3 Issue 9, August 2016.(Ashok Reddy).

National Journals:

10. Published a paper titled" A Multi-Class Based Algorithm for Finding Relevant Usage Patterns from Infrequent Patterns of Large Complex Data" ", Indian Journal of Science and Technology,ISSN:0794-5645, VOL 9,Issue 21, June 2016, pp 1-7. (Indexed in Scopus, Elsevier).(Sujatha).

International Conferences:

11. Presented a paper titled "A Novel Compressed Video Watermarking Model Using Hash Based Encryption and Decryption Algorithm", in the 6th International Conference on Computing, Engineering and Information Technology (ICCEIT 2017) held in The Vijay Park, Chennai, India on March 4, 2017.(T.Srinivas).

12. Presented a paper titled, " A Novel Weighted Based Frequent and Infrequent Pattern Mining Model on Real-time E-commerce Data", IEEE sponsered international conference on engineering and technology, Karpagam college of engineering ,Coimbatore,16-17 dec 2016, ISBN NO:978-1-5090-3212-9.(Sujatha)

National Conferences:

13. Presented a paper titled, "Infrequent association mining from distributed market data using ranking measures",Second Andhra Pradesh Science Congress held at P.B.Siddhartha College of Arts and Science,vijayawada during ,7-9 nov 2016,organized by AP Academy of Sciences in association with Dr,NTR University of Health Science, Acharya Nagarjuna University and Krishna University.(Sujatha)