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Civil Engineering - Transportation Engineering Lab

Transportation Engineering Lab

Transportation Engineering :

The Transportation Engineering lab has equipment required to conduct all standardized tests to assess quality of highway materials, pavement evaluation and traffic engineering studies. Experiments are conducted in pre-, during- and post-construction phases of highways. The Transportation Engineering lab does quality assurance and quality control tests for the Roads, Traffic engineering surveys are also conducted in the lab and students learn to conduct spot speed studies, volume counts, and conflict studies for preparing road improvement plans to enhance road safety. The lab is used for collaborative research in traffic engineering and transport planning.


  • Weighing balance
  • Compression testing machine
  • Deval's attrition test machine
  • LOS angles Abrasion test machine
  • Elongation gauge
  • Sieves, Length gauge
  • Wire basket, Pycnometer
  • Ductility machine, Stop watch
  • Test flames
  • Marshall stability testing machine
  • Ring and Ball apparatus, Bath and stirrer
  • Viscometer
  • Thermo statically controlled water bath, beaker